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Why Pray?

October 29, 2017 Preacher: Pastor John C. Ames Series: The Worthy Walk

Topic: Pray Scripture: Ephesians 3:14–3:21

Why pray? How would you answer this question? Is it just for emergencies when we are in super distress or is it for those only who are sick? Why do we see prayer mentioned everywhere in the Bible in the Old Covenant and New?

The simple answer is… Jesus invites us to and it really works! Ask Elijah when he stood before the prophets of Baal. Ask David when he was pursued by his very own son Absalom who tried to steal the kingdom from his father. Ask the apostle Paul when he was in chains in Philippi in a dungeon. Ask Jesus when he was in the garden before his death by the gruesome method of crucifixion.

But not only is prayer effective when we pray for ourselves; it is also a divine channel for God’s power and strength to come to those for whom we pray. This is the example of our New Testament heroes; especially Jesus himself. Think of those apostles for whom Jesus prayed fervently. Uneducated, common men (Acts 4:13 ) who were scared mightily in the upper room after the death of their leader… They would become stronger than they had ever imagined to announce and spread the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his saving power. They would find strength to face martyrdom for the cause of Christ and the spread of His Church.

Why Pray? It will bring glory to God; strength to you; and strength for others. And you will discover a deeper understanding of God’s love. Those are good reasons I should think. So will you pray this week?   

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