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May 13, 2018 Preacher: Pastor Pete Hoglund Series: The Twelve: Walking With the Minor Prophets

Topic: Salvation, Judgement Scripture: Micah 1–7

David Brickner with Jews for Jesus says, “the profound significance of the term “remnant” is a biblical term too often overlooked today. Throughout Scripture God deals with two groups of people: ‘the remnant’ and ‘the rest.' In the Hebrew Scriptures, the word ‘remnant’ usually describes those among the nation of Israel who survived the calamity of Gods judgment or remained faithful to the Lord.”

God has entered into a covenant relationship with the Israelites. This relationship is based on both parties agreeing to essential expectations that bless, maintain and nurture that relationship.

The Israelites broke faith with God, they broke the “marriage” agreement with God and chose to go their own way, breaking his commands and laws by embracing the practices, idols and customs of the people of other nations. Because of this God disciplined them and in extreme cases even destroyed them. In the context of reading of Micah we see not only the destruction God brought through the invading Assyria but also the hope by preserving a remnant. The story of this severe discipline, destruction doom and hope we find in 2 Kings 15-18.

Our studies of the Minor Prophets bring us to Micah, a prophet who tells the poetic commentary of 2 Kings 15-18 and the doom of those who broke faith with God. Micah writes not only of doom but also the promise to the small remnant in that day and the hope of the remnant for those who have trusted Jesus Christ.

When you read Micah what do you see about God's judgment as it relates to 2 Kings 15-18 ? Why did God allow such devastation?

How does reading Micah inspire you to sober living before God?

What does Romans 11:5 and 11:17 have to do with you and the concept of “the remnant” and the Hope the Christ brings?

May we all grow in our understanding and appreciation of what it means to be “a remnant”?

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