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Faith In Christ

January 13, 2019 Preacher: Pastor Mike McGarry Series: Foundations for a New Year

Topic: Faith Scripture: Hebrews 11:1–11:4

Faith is the hope that you build your life upon. It’s the foundation of your life. It shapes and drives the way you live each day, the way you respond to uncertainty and anxiety.

Don’t wait until a crisis to live by faith. Instead, live by faith today. Actively trust in God’s provision for you through Jesus Christ, and because you trust in him you can be free from all the pressure to perform, impress, or be perfect. Live with your eye on Christ, not because you’re trying to copy him or imitate him, but because you love him.

Live in faith. Believe God. Trust him. Because you trust God's power and provision, you are free to follow where Christ leads. And when God's leading is risky and others might consider it pretty foolish - pray about it some more, seek counsel from others who love Jesus, and walk by faith.

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