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Hope Filled Submission

February 24, 2019 Preacher: Pastor Mike McGarry Series: Living Hope

Topic: Faithfulness Scripture: 1 Peter 2:13–2:25

Christians submit themselves to the human authorities because they have entrusted themselves to God. In the same way that Jesus suffered without retaliation or anger, so we patiently endure opposition and persecution with grace, humility, and hope. 

Peter wrote this letter while Nero was the emperor of Rome and yet he still wrote Christians are called to be “subject for the Lord’s saketo every human institution” (1 Peter 2:13). In doing so, we are practicing our submission to God. Because if you can’t submit to human authority, whom you can see, then what makes you think you’ll submit to God’s authority? When we submit to authority in the midst of disagreement and even persecution or oppression, our lives proclaim, “God is my protection.” This is not a passive or weak thing, but a strong profession of our enduring and complete faith in God as both savior and judge.

By entrusting ourselves to God, we have placed the full weight of our hope in Jesus Christ, not in any political leader. He is our security, our joy, and our hope. Jesus is our savior and we are becoming more like him. "For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps" (1 Peter 2:21). 

If you look around the world today and struggle with fear and anxiety, cast your hope on Christ. Don't get caught up in the rage and bitterness that is so prevalent today (especially on social media). Through our submission to authorities in our world today, we demonstrate our faith in God.