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Worship Online

June 14, 2020

Grace & Peace to You!


EBC is open again!! Certain restrictions are in place due to COVID-19, so if you would like to come to church this Sunday, we ask that you sign up by clicking the button below and filling out the sign-up form. Be sure to read the message from Pastor Pete below the sign-up form if you have not done so already. The service will be at 9:30am.

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For those who cannot gather in person with us during this time, we welcome you to join us in worshiping God using the resources below. God is worthy of our praise!

Pastor Pete and members of Emmanuel have put together this worship service for you. May you be blessed, and may God be glorified!

Below you can find links to the sermon and other resources. A suggestion is to sing songs before and after the sermon, and pray in between. Sunday's sermon will be available online shortly after it is preached live.

Praying God meets with you today.



June 14, 2020 - Pastor Pete
Looking Forward
Family LIFE
1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

Big Idea: The Healthy Church respects and loves the leadership, and partners and worships together.

The Healthy Church...
   - Respects and Loves the Leadership (12-13)
   - Partners Together (14-16)
   - Worships Together (17-28)

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Note: The sermon for this week will not be available until after it is preached live this Sunday.

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Worship Songs

Living Hope
Amazing Grace
How Great Is Our God

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Note: The YouTube Playlist includes lyrics;
for the Spotify playlist, refer to the separate sheet with lyrics.


Tithes & Offerings

We believe that God has created all things and that He has endowed us with the responsibility of managing what He has entrusted to us (time, money, possessions, skills, etc). He cares about how we use our resources and it reflects the attitude of our hearts towards Him. Therefore, it honors God when we give back a portion of what He has entrusted to us in order to help see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth. (

You are welcome to mail checks to the church (PO Box 145, Norfolk, MA 02056) or drop them off in person, or give online using the link below. A small percentage of any online giving is taken out to pay fees and does not come to EBC.

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Additional Children's & Youth Resources

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