Important: Due to COVID-19, all worship services, programs, and meetings have been suspended or moved online through May 31. Read More...

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Worship Online

May 10, 2020

Grace & Peace to You!
And Happy Mother's Day!

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Although we cannot gather together physically as a church during this time, we welcome you to join in worshiping God using the resources below. God is worthy of our praise!

Pastor Pete and members of Emmanuel have put together this worship service for you. May you be blessed, and may God be glorified! To send a note to Pastor Pete, email

Below you can find links to the sermon and other resources. A suggestion is to sing songs before and after the sermon, and pray in between.

Praying God meets with you today.



May 10, 2020 - Pastor Pete
Looking Ahead - 1 Thessalonians
Walk, Don't Run...
1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

Big Idea: The Christian is to walk in holiness, love, and quietness.
Introduction (4:1-2)
Walk in Holiness (3-8)
Walk in Love (9-10)
Walk in Quietness (11-12)

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Note: The sermon for this week will not be available until Sunday.

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Worship Songs

Revelation Song
All Creatures of Our God and King
Way Maker
Who You Say I Am

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Note: The YouTube Playlist includes lyrics;
for the Spotify playlist, refer to the separate sheet with lyrics.


Additional Children's & Youth Resources

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