Life Groups

Life Groups

What is a Life Group?

LifeGroups are Small Groups that meet on every other Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s. All groups will be going through the book, To Serve with All Your Strength and will enable us to examine every area of our lives that God is seeking to remodel to make us more like Christ. Locations and times vary. Please see details below. We hope you can join us! 


LifeGroups June 2022



What is a Small Group?

Ideally, a small group is a gathering of 8-12 people where they can seek God together. It's a place to laugh, build friendships, learn, and pray together. Small Groups meet in someone's home because they are more personal than they are formal. It's a chance to share life's joys and trials and to encourage one another to pursue Christ in the midst of whatever stage of life you're in. Some groups work through books of the Bible, others read and discuss Christian books on topics they've decided to study together. 


Why Should I Join a Small Group?

  • Because you're new to EBC and you want to get to know people
  • Because you've been around for a while but haven't quite "found your spot" yet
  • Because you want to grow spiritually


What Small Groups Are There, and How Do I Join?

  • For information about small groups meeting in people's homes, please email EBC’s small group coordinators, Gary & Cindy Krist, at
  • The size and atmosphere can be little different from a small group, but we also encourage you to check out our Bible studies at EBC - see