Missions Focus 210: Mapping our DNA

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Greetings Emmanuel,


As we continue to walk through 2021, the Missions Team is thrilled to share an update regarding our local, regional and global impact. As you may recall in February, we began a close consulting relationship with our denomination Converge. A team of EBC members were selected and began work with Converge to begin the 2:10 Focus Coaching process. The 210 process is helping Emmanuel prayerfully identify how God is calling us to focus our passions and resources to share the gospel cross-culturally.


We need your help! Over the next couple of weeks, the 210 Team would like to collect as much information as possible about who we are as a church. We would like the survey completed and information gathered by Sunday, August 8. Attached is a link to participate. The DNA survey will help reveal our church’s unique talents, global passions and resources. We believe that God is uniquely and strategically calling us to use our resources as a church locally as well as globally.


Please continue to be praying for the EBC leadership and the 210 team for discernment as we continue on this journey to discover how God has made and called EBC uniquely.


 “Go into the world to make disciples” and bring the hope of Christ to the nations.


The 2:10 Focus Team,


Heidi Muholland
Jean Thompson
Bill Lagos
Kathy Boedeker
Katie Simmons
Becky Hoglund
Pastor Pete Hoglund