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The Unified Walk

November 5, 2017 Preacher: Pastor John C. Ames Series: The Worthy Walk

Topic: Unity Scripture: Ephesians 4:1–4:16

Have you ever had someone plead with you to behave in a certain manner? Parents do so with children. Teachers do so with students. Peers do so with their friends. Walking is not so difficult for the average adult. But walking together; walking in the same direction is not that easy. We can get distracted easily, especially in a department store or a grocery store depending on the “deal of the day”. Often, my wife and I will enter a store and before you know it, we are off in opposite directions!

For the Christian, the spiritual call is an amazing call; an amazing privilege to ‘walk’ with our Lord as a true citizen of the kingdom of light. This was the apostle Paul’s passion… he became a ‘beggar’ in a sense for the unity of the Church. There will be many distractions; but in order to have a UNIFIED walk, we must adhere to certain attitudes and actions which are spelled out in our passage of scripture. The human body is an amazing picture of a unified system with many diverse parts. Yet, they are all connected under the leadership of the brain and the vital organs. God provides gifted people in the ‘Body of Christ’ who equip others to maintain that unity and growth. The Spirit also inspires us to maintain unity through attitudes of humility, gentleness, patience and forbearance.

When believers share in this commonality of teaching and love one another in truthfulness, then the ‘whole body will grow and build itself up in love’ and the Unified Church will be evident to all. Wouldn’t that be marvelous in our time?  

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