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The Fruit of the Spirit

July 1, 2018 Preacher: Pastor Pete Hoglund Series: Fruit of the Spirit

Topic: Christian Life Scripture: Galatians 5:22–5:23

What do you think or how do you feel if someone says, “I want to be like you.”?

If one of my kids or a friend says, “Hey, I want to do what you do!” Isn’t the receiving end blessed?

When a person hears about theFruit of the Spiritin Galatians 5 ;22-23 often those verses or phrases are taken out of context as stand alone moral precepts or character qualities to aspire to. But to better appreciate the power, intent and blessing of those traits we need to understand the context. We cannot belike Christ truly by our own determination. We need the power of Christ living through us.

Over the summer we will be taking a closer look at the context of this famous list and together grow towards being more like Christ. The three reasons we are headed this direction for the next few months are:

1) The Fruit of the Spirit exemplifies the gospel. Set in the context of Galatians 5 Paul is pleading with the Galatians not return to the yoke of slavery ritualistic religion bonds one to. Paul says, you have been set free and declared righteous in God's sight by faith in Christ and His worknotby performing rituals. The result of this new life in Christ is freedom and a life that looks like Christ.

2) The Fruit of the Spirit glorifies and honors Christ. As the Holy Spirit lives the life of Christ through us, we honor and glorify Jesus because we are reflecting His character and not our own. We are imitating and honoring Him.

3) The Fruit of the Spirit is best for Emmanuel. Growing in Christ-likeness will only benefit our fellowship as we all become more like Jesus. It’s all about relationships.

If our relationships at home, in the marketplace and at Emmanuel exude a character of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control all our relationships will be better for itand the world will know that we are His. If we grow to becomelike Christhow will the world not be changed in our spheres of influence?

Please take time today and in the weeks ahead to read, reflect, understand and pray through Galatians 5 and the context of the Fruit of the Spirit. Let's all ask our Heavenly Father today to make us more like Christ in the weeks ahead.


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